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Help & Support for the Trans Community

Forum Policy

We wish to encourage lively debate and welcome well-intended banter and humour in our forums. We do not wish to be over-prescriptive with forum rules; however, we ask everyone posting to be mindful of offending or hurting others using the forums.

Here are our forum guidelines:

Starting New Topics

  • Before starting a new topic, please check that you are not duplicating an existing one use the search function if necessary);
  • Please take time to place your topic into the right category;
  • Use a title that relates to and explains your topic; for example, rather than 'I need help!' use 'Advice required about ..... ‘

Engaging in Discussions

  • Respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree strongly.
  • When participating in debates, please take time to engage in the argument and not attack or make derogatory remarks about other contributors. For example, rather than, 'You are stupid to say ...' or 'That's a stupid point of view,' use wording such as 'I disagree because …’
  • We welcome humour and banter; however, be mindful of comments that may offend, especially if you are engaging with someone you do not know personally; if in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • When you get things wrong, be willing to apologise; be ready to accept apologies from others too.

The Following Is Not Allowed

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia;
  • Repeated posts with the same or similar content (spam);
  • Inciting violence (or links which incite violence);
  • Pornographic material (or links which display pornographic material);
  • Posting adverts for commercial enterprises or gain.

The Following Should Be Followed

  • When quoting others (which includes normally copyrighted material used as part of a discussion), please use quote marks and attribute the quote with reference to the author, the publication (newspaper, book, website, social media etc.) and the date;
  • If posting pictures, please ensure that the pictures are either in the public domain or that you have permission from the copyright owner (if not you) before posting.


As a community made up of a range of personalities, disputes will inevitably happen. Moderators may choose to suspend or close a forum topic and/or edit or remove posts. They may also advise members about forum and/or chatroom behaviour. In extreme cases, or when advice is repeatedly ignored, moderators can ban people from the forums or the entire members' website.

Last updated: 1st March 2024

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